The best chance we have to improve the health of our nation starts before a pregnancy begins. By making sure mum and dad are as healthy as possible, we get pregnancy off to the best start. Four simple interventions, if undertaken by everyone, would have a significant impact: Quit smoking, don't drink alcohol, eat well and be physically active! In our modern world with so much more information about what else we can do, we sometimes overlook the little things. To go into more depth however, I have a checklist which will draw out most of the information about pregnancy planning. Please work through the list and take it with you so you can discuss the information uncovered by the checklist with your doctor or midwife. 

Do be aware however that many pregnancies are unplanned, so if you are not ready to have a baby, please use very good contraception! For information on different ways to reduce the chances of falling pregnant, click on the link on the right.



Pregnancy planning information from RWH (Melbourne) and pregnancy, birth & baby 
Breastfeeding information from ABA (yes, start thinking about it now!) 
Contraception information from  Family Planning (True)

COPE (it’s never too early to think about your emotional and mental well being!)


This two-page summary covers most of the information we would want to know about you personally, your partner, family and medical history before you fall pregnant.  It is designed to be used with the help of your midwife or doctor.