The advances in knowledge in the maternity field are extraordinary.  I have collated various resources I have personally found helpful or created content to answer questions which are frequently asked by colleagues.   

The resources I have suggested in previous pages have useful information for clinicians and I recommend them to you.  Useful guidelines and information for clinicians are linked to the right.  Video clips featuring discussions on important topics and checklists are linked below.   

Managing nausea, vomiting, hyperemesis in pregnancy  
Medication management of anxiety and depression in pregnancy
The use of psychotropic medications in a breastfeeding woman 
Managing bipolar, schizophrenia and psychosis in pregnancy 
Early pregnancy scans Medicare Rebates for first trimester scans
NTS in the era of NIPT  40 second summary of NTS in the era of NIPT
Screening low risk women for SMA, CF and FXS 
Pelvic Floor Prolapse
Perineal injuries in childbirth
Hands on or hands off? Perineal care
Prophylactic aspirin use in early pregnancy Summary document
Contraceptive options in the 6 weeks post partum
Genetic testing 101