Oh my goodness, you've done it.  Your period is due or overdue and your pregnancy test/s are positive! Congratulations!! There is so much information to share with you, so many options for you to consider. Which blood tests are recommended, ultrasound scans to discuss (which and when and what do they cost?) and have you thought about where you would like your baby to be born and who you would like to help you with the birth? I have a one-page check list for you which summarises the current routine tests and care, so let's start with that.  

I also have some short videos (and brief summaries) which discuss the different tests that are recommended in early pregnancy and some of the reasons these tests are done.  



Good information is available from sites such as raising childrenpregnancy, birth & baby,  RWH and MMH
Expecting twins, triplets etc?
Pregnancy and exercise
Pregnancy and alcohol
Quit smoking support
Food safety
Breastfeeding information from ABA (yes, start thinking about it now!)
COPE is doing terrific work talking about the emotional aspects of pregnancy.  Mind the Bump is a useful app both during pregnancy and after baby is born.
Information on the pelvic floor

Pregnancy checklist

This one-page summary covers the basic information on currently recommended tests, immunisations, essential information and visits in pregnancy.

Pregnancy history checklist

This two-page document asks questions about your medical and family history, to help identify potential issues early.