Now you are into the home stretch.  So much to organise, still lots to know.  You will be aware of baby's movements and you will find that you can't fit through the same spaces you used to be able to!  As you get closer to your due date, you will notice a variety of changes in your body and it is wise to adapt to these changes.  Do know though, the biggest change is about to happen.  If this is your first baby or your fourth or beyond, once baby is born, the family will be forever changed!



Good information is available from sites such as raising childrenpregnancy, birth & baby,  RWH and MMH
Pregnancy and exercise
Pregnancy and alcohol
Quit smoking support
Food safety
Breastfeeding information from ABA (time to get ready!)
Mental health/emotional wellbeing resources: COPE Mind the Bump What were we thinking? Head to Health
Information on the pelvic floor