A child is born and a family is created or forever changed. All the information you gathered during your pregnancy as you planned for the birth is no longer needed as you focus on the next part of your journey. Don't panic. Billions have done this before and there is lots of assistance available. Your family, friends, neighbours and healthcare team are here to help; together we can work our way through the maze!
Links to specific information in the form of leaflets, brochures or videos I have placed below.  Websites with broad information I have on the right.

RANZCOG: Information on the first few weeks following birth 
Returning to sport or exercise after birth 
Introducing solids
How to introduce solid foods to babies for allergy prevention (from 4-6 months of age)


Good information is available from sites such as raising childrenpregnancy, birth & baby, parentline, possums, RCH (Melbourne) and Triple P (yes, their programs start from birth!)
Safe sleeping
Making up a cot
More than one baby?
COPE is doing terrific work talking about the emotional aspects of transitioning to parenting.
ACT for parents with babies
Breastfeeding information from ABA 
Information on the pelvic floor  
Information on crying